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Frontend Developer & Technical Writer

About Me

WORKS is Nigeria's number 1 Hotel Booking Portal. As a Frontend developer, I built over 70% of the user interface of the version 7 of the website. I improved the accessibility of the site and ensured it is both responsive and cross-browser compatible (Opera Mini included 😉).

Tech used: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

Timbu Admissions

Timbu Admissions serves to help people get guided assistance to start graduate programs in other countries. I built this website using Frontend technologies, Laravel and Rest APIs to integrate the payment gateway.

Tech used: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Laravel


Factory is a performance management tool. I contributed to several parts of the UI of the tool and built most external pages.

Tech used: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap


I love building small projects on Codepen

Pomodoro Clock

A Freecodecamp project based on the Pomodoro principle.

Tech used: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML/CSS

Animated Clock

I played with CSS animation and this was the result.

Tech used: CSS, JQuery

Tag it

I wrote several articles on React and decided to build this simple tag adder tool to demostrate how to build a React app.

Tech used: React


I love sharing my knowledge so I write articles on Frontend Development.

Having a Good Relationship with CSS

Everyone can have a good relationship with CSS if they do somethings the right way. In this article I share personal tips on how to get better at CSS

The CSS Calc Function

The calc function in CSS is pretty useful. In this article, I discuss why they are useful and some ways they can be used.

SASS - Getting Started

This article is great for anyone trying to get started with SASS. There are also links to other articles I wrote on SASS here.

Arrow Functions in ES6

Want to learn about arrow functions? You should read this. In this article, I discussed the syntax and features of arrow functions.

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I am a Front-end developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am well versed in client-side technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have built many UI designs and I always pay close attention to the details of a design. I know CSS so well that no interface will be too hard for me to build.

I am a strong advocate of responsive and accessible websites and I endeavor to build web pages that are both responsive and accessible. I use SASS to keep my CSS maintainable and modular. I have also built web pages and applications with React and Redux. I understand how REST APIs work and I have built several applications with it.

When I am not coding, I write technical articles on These articles cover a wide range of Front-end topics including React, ES6, CSS, and SASS. Recently, my article was one of the top seven articles of the week on I also love designing user interfaces with Figma and applying principles of UX.


I'm open to remote opportunities

Do you want to work with me or just say hi? You can send me an email using the form or reach out to me on Twitter or via any of the links below.